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Simple umbrella services for contractors

What is an umbrella?

An umbrella company is a company that contractors or self-employed individuals can join as a simple and hassle-free alternative to setting up their own limited company.

When a contractor joins Apricot Umbrella, we become the ‘employer’ and the contractor, the employee. Using an overarching employment contract, Apricot Umbrella will act as an intermediary between the contractor and recruitment agency (or end client) and deal with all the administration and payroll.

We make getting paid simple

If you are new to contracting, inside IR35 or working on temporary contracts, then Apricot Umbrella is for you.

How it works…

You will provide Apricot Umbrella with weekly/monthly timesheets, which will be used to invoice your agency.
Your agency (or end client), will then pay the gross amount over to us.
We will make all the necessary tax deductions and NI contributions and pay you NET of deductions direct to you.

What are the benefits
of using Apricot Umbrella?

Unbeatable Service

Unbeatable Service

We understand contracting can be stressful. We aim to provide an unbeatable level of service and make life easy.

Simple, Compliant Payroll

Simple and Compliant Payroll

Simply submit your timesheets and let us take care of everything else. We will liaise with your agency/end client and ensure you’re paid correctly.

Employment benefits and insurances

Employment benefits and insurances

You will have one employer regardless of the number of assignments/agencies you work with.

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